Product Descriptions

Product Description Writing Service For Amazon & Ecommerce Websites

HTML formatted SEO product descriptions, complete with optimised titles and meta descriptions

100 Words

Small Description
$ 12 Per Description
  • HTML Written Descriptions
  • Formatted with Feature Lists
  • Optimised Product Titles
  • SEO Meta Description
  • Includes FBA Bullet Points
  • Export in a Spreadsheet
  • Upload to Ecommerce Platforms

200 Words

Medium Description
$ 18 Per Description
  • HTML Written Descriptions
  • Formatted with Feature Lists
  • Optimised Product Titles
  • SEO Meta Description
  • Includes FBA Bullet Points
  • Export in a Spreadsheet
  • Upload to Ecommerce Platforms

300 Words

Large Description
$ 24 Per Description
  • HTML Written Descriptions
  • Formatted with Feature Lists
  • Optimised Product Titles
  • SEO Meta Description
  • Includes FBA Bullet Points
  • Export in a Spreadsheet
  • Upload to Ecommerce Platforms

What is Product Description Writing?

When selling online, your target audience can’t touch or feel your products. You may have amazing product images but that alone may not lead to a purchase decision. This is where product descriptions come into play. Whether you’re a small online store or a global ecommerce business, ensuring that your product descriptions substitute for the real in-store experience is critical.

With a Product Description Writing service, you can ensure that all your products feature compelling descriptions which promote and showcase every last detail in a positive way.

Our writing team has been writing product descriptions for many years now and has mastered the art of writing compelling product descriptions that sell. We go beyond listing manufacturer specifications by addressing your target audience personally by answering their questions.

How Our Product Description Service Works

1. Place Your Order

Whether you need one product description writing or hundreds, we can handle your order with quick turnaround times. You can also bulk upload your product IDs, titles and URLs using our spreadsheet input option to save you time and hassle.

2. The Writing Stage

Our talented team of writers will create compelling, keyword rich HTML product descriptions and titles which are completely unique. We’ll take care of the meta descriptions too, making your ecommerce SEO totally on point and optimised.

3. Spreadsheet Delivery

You can export your completed order in a spreadsheet format, ready for you to upload into your ecommerce platform, such as Shopify, FBA, BigCommerce, Magento and more. You’ll just need to match up the correct columns for your platform.

Product Description Writing Benefits

Written in Clean HTML

HTML written descriptions with bullet points will look great when uploaded.

Compelling Titles

We’ll craft compelling, optimised, keyword rich product titles.

SEO Meta Description

We write unique SEO meta descriptions so you stand out in the SERPS.

Export a Spreadsheet

Delivered in a ‘ready-to-upload’ CSV for your ecommerce platform.

Trained Writers

Our writers have been trained specifically for ecommerce content.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We pride ourselves on being the most scalable and cost-effective product description writing service, which is why agencies switch to us every day. In fact, we believe in our service that much that we’re prepared to make your first order completely risk free. If you’re not totally satisfied, we’ll give you all of your money back. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

Questions? Check Out Our FAQs

Most ecommerce platforms use short generic descriptions or utilise duplicate descriptions from manufacturers for their products. Having uniquely crafted product descriptions which promote product features, benefits and any technical details will not only give you a great advantage in the SERPs and Google Shopping listings, but it will also leave potential customers more informed which may lead to increases in conversions.

Our product descriptions service is perfect for uploading to your existing ecommerce platform or WordPress website. Our team is also trained in writing persuasive Amazon product descriptions.

SEO product descriptions are written to please both search engines and customers. By creating SEO friendly product descriptions you will increase your chances of improving the online visibility of your store and products in SERPs, potentially resulting in more clicks.

Our team of talented writers has been trained in writing content for product pages, specifically to craft compelling, keyword rich HTML descriptions and product titles. We also take care of the meta descriptions to ensure that your products are fully optimised.

Our writers are encouraged to include main keywords, and secondary keywords, and to reference product features and benefits wherever they can. By including this information, you stand a better chance of ranking higher in search engines and Shopping listings.

Overwriting existing product descriptions is easy with most e-commerce platforms. If you’re looking for an easy way to gain an advantage over competitors in ecommerce, creating unique product descriptions is a great way to do this.

Writers are encouraged to include main keywords, secondary keywords, and use features wherever they can within the description. This makes it more optimised for search and Shopping listings.

We deliver the descriptions to you in a spreadsheet format, so you can easily export and import them into your ecommerce site.

Our writers include the main features, product benefits, and attributes of your product(s). They also include main keywords and secondary keywords within the product descriptions where appropriate. Along with the description itself, we’ll also draft a compelling title and meta description to increase the chances of users clicking through to your products.

No. We write the description in HTML, so right out of the box, they will include the correct line breaks, bullet points, and more to appear correctly on your ecommerce website.

Yes, we include a carefully crafted title and meta description for you to import into your ecommerce site. Every product description will feature a completely unique title and description.

You choose. We offer 100, 200, and 300-word options for your product descriptions.

We sure do! Bullet point feature lists are delivered in separate fields, so it will be easy to upload to the Amazon FBA platform.

Yes, to cater to ecommerce platforms and Amazon, the descriptions are delivered in HTML, ready to upload with no inconvenience.

We can complete up to 100 product descriptions in 4 days (standard delivery) or in as little as 48 hours with our express delivery option.

Orders for over 100 pieces of content will have a 10-day standard turnaround and 5 days express turnaround.

The estimated lead time will be indicated once you start the order process and choose your quantity.

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